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Echoes of the Unseen

My project is centered on documenting the journey of my mother, who is navigating Alzheimers’s and its profound impact on both her and me. My focus is on capturing the gradual fading of her memories and personal identity.

“Echoes of the Unseen” Navigating the enigmatic realm within… is a serie about my mothers and my journey accompanying her through the intricate challenges of Alzheimer’s disease. Beyond a mere documentary effort, this project is a quest to convey a potent emotional message, illuminating the profoundly human aspect woven into the fabric of Alzheimer’s.


Centered on the gradual fading of memories and personal identity, the series authentically captures the essence of the journey—intimate moments of connection, the formidable hurdles faced, and the transformative shifts within the world of my mother. Its purpose extends beyond showcasing the impacts of Alzheimer’s, reaching into the emotional core of the experience.

As we navigate the complexities of Alzheimer’s, the series delicately unravels the threads connecting past and present. “Echoes of the Unseen” serves as a poignant exploration of the emotional landscape accompanying different stages of the disease. It beckons viewers to foster understanding by emotionally engaging with the challenges encountered by both the individual with Alzheimer’s and their family.

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