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Wat Zegt U?

‘As a photographer, I have always believed in the power of images to tell stories. This belief led me to ‘What Do You Say?’, a project that touched me deeply because of its personal significance. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2021, and her journey through the disease has inspired me to explore and capture the complexity of Alzheimer’s.

With ‘What Do You Say?’, I want to tell not only my mother’s story, but also the stories of others living with Alzheimer’s. It is great to work with children, whose spontaneity and openness offer a unique perspective on this heavily charged subject. Through their contributions, we aim to bridge generations and highlight the impact of Alzheimer’s in a timely and moving way. Their playfully inserted illustrations, photos and texts provide a contemporary approach. With each image, we not only want to draw attention to Alzheimer’s, but also spread a message of hope and connection.’


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